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The Disruption (Long Action)
  • The Disruption (Long Action)

    The Disruption is the world's first temperature stable Precision Rifle Chassis, specifically engineered to retain accuracy and effectiveness in operational environments with unpredictable or changing temperatures.


    A Present-Day Rifle Chassis System for the Performance Conscious Operator


    While the industry treats the chassis merely as the human interface to the rifle, we recognized that there is much more to it.


    Coordinated Thermal Expansion (CTX™) is ASA's patented technology that utilizes a proprietary stainless-steel alloy, selected for its ability to expand and contract at the same rate as the barreled action over temperature. Expansion joints and slip-fit interfaces are integrated into the design to further relieve any receiver warping due to thermal stress, eliminating the point of impact shifts inherent to all other chassis systems.


    Laboratory testing, using a thermal chamber and autocollimator demonstrate that the Disruption Rifle Chassis System’s thermal sensitivity is better than 55 times more resistant to fluctuating temperatures, relative to the “next best” aluminum rifle chassis available on the market.


      The Disruption chassis is compatible with Remington 700 Short Action and Long Action Receivers along with most similar footprint clones.


      The Disruption is compatible and has been tested with the following actions:


      • Remington 700
      • Stiller Elite
      • BAT Machine Co TR
      • Bighorn Arms
      • Defiance Deviant Tactical
      • Defiance Deviant Elite
      • Mausingfield
      • Lonestar .22

      The Disruption Rifle Chassis System is highly adjustable for both differently shaped shooters and differently configured environments.


      Adjustability includes:

      • Cheek Riser Height
      • Bag Rider Height
      • Length of Pull Distance
      • Grip to Trigger Distance
      • Ambidexterity for Right or Left Handed Actions


      The Long Action Chassis System accepts both 4.050” AICS and 3.850” AICS Magazines with the included magazine well shim. The 4.050” magwell is a recent development which allows for the ability to load long action caliber bullets an extra 0.2” further out of the case compared to previous systems. This is especially useful for magnum and high caliber rifles. Note: If purchasing the chasis alone, some modification to your action may be required to realize these benefits.


      Additionally, the Disruption chassis’ folding hinge mechanism reduces the overall size of the rifle for transportation or storage. Currently this hinge always folds to the right.


      The Disruption chassis is delivered in your choice of hard case or economical shipping box.


      The Disruption chassis is compatible with any Remington 700 footprint action and is available in both short and long action platforms.*** It accepts AI magazines and any AR15 compatible grip.


      The Disruption Precision Rifle Chassis is DESIGNED, MANUFACTURED, and ASSEMBLED in the United States of America using DOMESTIC MATERIALS.


      Pre-ordering the Disruption Precision Rifle Chassis allows you to receive the above described rifle chassis from the first public production run. Exact ship dates are TBD but we will update you once this information becomes available. At this time we expect chassis to ship no later than the end of Q2 of 2023.


      The Disruption rifle chassis system is built entirely out of billet materials. We provide the rifle with a Limbsaver Buttpad, and Ergo TDX-0 grip and a Accurate Mag magazine because of the numerous components tried, we believe these to be the most comfortable.


      ASA is a company that is owned and operated by a highly dedicated engineering staff. The rifle as offered for sale now has been in development since 2019. We debuted prototype versions at SHOT Show 2020 and SHOT Show 2021, earning accolades for “most innovative product” from numerous reviewers, but have iterated and iterated until just now when we feel like everything is finally the best we can offer


      This is the first Rifle System that is temperature agnostic. The Disruption Rifle Chassis System was designed as a current generation solution, leaving behind all of the other platforms offered from other manufacturers. It has been presented to the United States Military for trials amongst three separate military buyers. Preliminary feedback is positive and from a long list of entries, we have made the finalists. We hope to announce more on this soon.


      The Disruption Rifle Chassis System has many feature that enhance the user experience.


      Easiest Rifle Mounting Capabilities: Most barreled actions can be installed or removed in a matter of seconds using two fasteners that are accessible with removal of any other chassis accessories.


      Spring Loaded, Single Push, Adjustable Length of Pull: The length of pull can be extended 1.5” by simply pressing the LOP Actuator Lever. When this lever is pressed, the buttstock is pushed rearward automatically by springs that have been qualified for infinite life. With the length of pull stop point defined by a 20-pitch linear gear rack, there are at least 10 different length positions for whatever shooting position is appropriate for the necessary scenario. Simply shoulder the rifle, place you shoulder where you are most comfortable with your eyes clearest scope picture, then press the length of pull actuator and it will automatically push the buttpad up to your chosen spot. Release the lever and its locked in. Its that simple.


      Improved Recoil Dynamics: This is a subjective statement, but it isn’t a subtle one. This one is harder to describe and I haven’t actually figured out the science behind it. In the opinions of a few dozen people and myself, those who have fired the rifle, the impulse of the recoil event feels shorter, milder and less disruptive to follow-up shots than compared with all the other chassis out there, fabricated from aluminum. My hypothesis is that the transfer of energy from a steel (stiff) receiver to its steel (stiff) recoil lug to our steel (stiff) midsection happens in a shorter period of time than from the same steel receiver to steel recoil lug to aluminum (>3x less stiff) aluminum chassis. My theory is that since the load path for our chassis is stiffer, the recoil of our system is faster (higher frequency) and therefore dissipates in less time, which can  be perceived by the shooter. The work I’ve done on dynamics in the past makes me think that when a soft aluminum chassis is used, the recoil lug and the chassis likely hit and separate multiple times before the recoil impulse has moved entirely into the chassis and neither the receiver nor recoil lug are still participating. Exploring this more scientifically is something I’m anxious to do, but for which there just hasn’t been time yet.


      Coordinated Thermal Expansion: This Disruption Rifle Chassis System ensures that changes in ambient temperature will not change the point of impact of a fired projectile. This is the novel technology I developed in 2019 and 2020 and what inspired the formation of Advanced Shooting Analytics.


      An example: If you were to take any rifle system  to an indoor shooting range to sight in your optic, then you would have perfect point of aim / point of impact Accuracy at the temperature of that indoor range on that particular day. If you were to then expose that rifle to any other temperature then when it was sighted in at, the point of impact is going to move away from the point of impact. In nearly every scenario, the rifle will shoot low in the cold and will shoot high in the heat. Note that this is exacerbated by the heat generated when shooting the rifle, but is really dominated by just the outdoor ambient temperature where its to be used.


      This phenomena is called a thermal sensitivity where the point of impact, compared to the point of aim is sensitive to the environmental temperature.


      Thermal sensitivities can result in a loss of accuracy that ranges from a mild annoyance to life or death. A target miss at the range at worse might result in a little confusion of heckling from your buddies, but the warfighter expected to perform a HALO Jump will experience temperatures as cold as -49F (-45C) *1 during their insertion and up to 120degF (49C) during summer missions in the desert.*2 Note as well that CTX eliminates the thermal sensitivities between the firearm’s temperate and that when it was sighted in, not just ambient temperature. Black or darker colored rifles can easily reach temperatures of 150degF when in direct sunlight. Test data shows that the Disruption Rifle Chassis with CTX technology performs better than 55 times better than the best of the legacy aluminum chassis on the market.


      Continued work: In addition to the receiver to chassis interface having coordinated thermal expansion rates, the perfect rifle system must also address the thermal sensitivities induced by the receiver to scope rings and the scope rings to scope interfaces as well. While these particular thermal sensitivities are smaller in magnitude than the receiver chassis, they must also be reworked.


      Scope Rings: Details on CTX Scope rings and moreover an entirely novel scope mounting mechanism will be revealed soon. As soon as the efforts of tuning the disruption chassis production system are eased, both of these products will be announced.


      Scope: Advanced Shooting Analytics has been working with Armament Technology and specifically their Tangent Theta optics division to bring to market a rifle scope assembled with ASA’s stainless steel scope tube.


      Below are two images generated using finite element methods to simulate the shape of the point of aim / point of impact deviations in hot and cold environments. For the exercise of keeping apples to apples comparisons, the same geometry is modeled for each analysis.


      If you’ve made it this far, thank you. Thermal analysis of complex systems has been most of what my career prior to ASA looked like. I enjoy this type of engineering wok and would be happy to continue discussions with anyone interested. Just reach out to us and ask for John.


      Weight: The Disruption Chassis System weighs 6lbs 2oz. This puts it in line with all aluminum chassis. Aluminum and Steel have nearly the same strange to weight and stiffness to weight ratios so, while it takes a little more effort to design a lightweight part from steel, there is no reason why a chassis with a steel midsection must weigh any more than an aluminum version of the same strength and stiffness.


      Balance: The Disruption Rifle Chassis System is designed with a center of gravity located near its central barricade stop/barricade rest. This makes the chassis easy to mount to a tripod or some on any natural or manmade structures.


      More adjustable: We put a lot of effort into making it so the rifle system’s ergonomics would be easy to adjust in-sitchu. As a wheelchair user, I find it difficult to adapt to a system that isn’t set up well for me, even if the dimensions are only slightly off. I found that even changing from a lighter to heavier weight jacket leaves me wanting to make small LOP adjustments. Similar for alignment between my eyes and the height of the scope. With the easy to turn thumb wheels, and the spring loaded LOP system, all of the ergonomic adjustments can be made without tools or breaking your cheek to cheek pad alignment.


      Adjustable bagrider: THe bottommost thumbwheel changes the height of the bagrider. This is really nice when setting up at either at a range in or the field. The operator can look through the scope at the targets general position and adjust the sight picture in elevation until the reticle is on target. Think of this like the “Trim” setting in an aircraft if you have ever flown a plane. I think this will be one of the most appreciated features.


      Folding Hinge: This hinge is the best we feel we can offer. It is closely based on the IMI Galil hinge by Uzi Galili. One of the most important features is the openness of the locking jaws. The angled open wedge design allows the hinge to “self clean” removing any debris that would otherwise prevent it from engaging into place.


      The hinge allows the buttstock to be stowed into a closed position without the pressing of any buttons. Simply push the entire buttstock downwards and rotate and the gun will fold. While the hinge will solidly and firmly keep the rifle folded 180 degrees rotated from the shooting position, unfolding it can be as easy as just pulling it open. The hinges origins ensured that it could be stowed and deployed rapidly when operating from vehicles. The hinge also has a positive locking pin so that during an aerial insertion, the rifle won’t unexpectedly open. This also allows the bolt handle to be captured. Remove before flight!


      This is the 5th incarnation of the Disruption Chassis folding hinge. It really took a while to get the feel of this right. I really think we got this right, finally.

    Grip Color
    Expected Shipping by April 15