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Advanced Shooting Analytics – The Intersection of Science and Precision Rifles


Eliminating Accuracy Effects of Thermal Expansion in Precision Long Range Rifles

For a sniper rifle to be effective, it must have excellent precision and accuracy capabilities. To date, incumbent manufactures have focused on precision alone. Many of their complete, out-of-the-box systems can shoot sub-MOA groups, but none offer guarantees regarding point of aim/point of impact repeatability or cold bore versus follow up shot stability. Furthermore, no manufacturers in the rifle chassis space advertise any performance improvements or benefits versus each other or compared to legacy systems. It appears that incumbent manufacturers consider the rifle chassis system solely as the ergonomic interface between the firearm and the operator. While the chassis system does serve this purpose, this myopic approach neglects the critical ways that a poorly designed chassis can hinder performance, specifically accuracy.

ASA’s rifle, the Disruption, introduces a paradigm shift where performance is prioritized as the most important metric. Our rifle uses the highest performance blueprinted receivers and barrels to achieve industry-leading precision while debuting Coordinated Thermal Expansion (CTX) technology, setting new accuracy standards for cold bore shots and repeatable first shot impacts across all temperature environments.

ASA’s Disruption is a 7.5-pound sniper rifle chassis fabricated from thermally matched metals with the thoughtful use of expansion joints and slip-fit interfaces so that no unwanted forces are applied to the receiver in any operational environment. These innovations are the reason ASA’s rifle system always has a predictable cold bore point of impact while other rifles do not. In so doing, ASA’s Disruption gives the warfighter and competitive shooter a distinct advantage on the battlefield or the competitive landscape through advances in sniper rifle design theory, development, and execution.

CTX-1 Chassis


ASA prioritizes performance in all the products we offer. As our focus is on excellence, there are no plastic parts or short-cuts used to prioritize low cost over quality in any of our products. All of ASA’s technology is developed in Boulder, CO and manufactured in-house in the United States of America.

ASA is a small business that can quickly develop technological breakthroughs and incorporate them into product lines without the lethargic bureaucracy of entrenched manufacturers within the industry. Our employees hold advanced degrees and cumulative decades of experience in aerospace engineering, precision manufacturing, process control, and quality systems. ASA is actively growing its high-performance team focused on enhancing the capabilities of the warfighter and promoting national security through innovation. ASA is also continuing to accept investments as we aggressively support our research and development efforts.

CTX-1 “Valerie” Chassis

The CTX-1 is now available for purchase.


ASA is proud to support the safe firearms enthusiast and is performing transfers for anyone in the local area.
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